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Simple Subset Wizard: Keyword Searches

The Simple Subset Wizard finds data sets that match the keyword,  temporal, and (optional) spatial criteria.

The Data Set Keyword(s) field has an auto-completion feature, which provides a list of up to 10 words or phrases that match the character(s) you have typed. The matching is case-insensitive. If the auto-completion does not provide any suggestions, then the keyword (or portion thereof) that you have typed does not match any of the keywords known to SSW, and any search for that keyword will produce the result "No data sets were found for your search criteria."

Keyword Search Basics

  • Every keyword matters. If more than one keyword is entered, the search will only find data sets that match all of the keywords.
  • Search is always case insensitive.
  • Many punctuation characters, such as hyphens, colons, periods, and forward slashes will be treated the same as spaces.
  • Characters that have not been used in any of the keywords are not allowed, including @#$%^&~;<>?{}|` and some other special characters.

Search Modifiers

  • Wildcard search
    An asterisk can be used as a wild-card ending to a keyword, e.g. "nitr*" to match "nitrogen" as well as "nitrate".
  • Keywords you want to exclude
    Add a hyphen or an exclamation point at the front of a keyword to exclude results containing that keyword, e.g. "-aerosol" to exclude "aerosol".
  • The OR operator
    Use " OR " between keywords to match any, but not necessarily all, keywords, e.g. "carbon OR nitrogen" to match "carbon" or "nitrogen" or both.

Keyword Sources

The list of keywords comes from 4 fields of the data set configuration XML provided by the SSW partners:

  1. The id attribute of the DataSet
  2. The shortName attribute of the DataSet
  3. The versionId attribute of the DataSet
  4. The Keywords section (containing one or more Keyword) of the DataSet

If a partner did not provide a Keywords section in their data set configuration XML, values from the ScienceKeyword/VariableLevel1Keyword/Value portion of the ECHO collection metadata were used.

Subsetting variables will only be found in keyword searches if they were included in the Keywords section of the data set configuration XML.