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The GES DISC User Working Group Agenda

May 10-11, 2011


Download: GES DISC UWG MEETING REPORT - May 10-11, 2011



8:00     Breakfast
8:30 – Welcomes
8:50 – Perspectives
9:40 - User Satisfaction Survey (20 minutes)
10:00 – 15 minute break
10:15 - The Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC)
  1. Expand the UWG
  2. Organize data by science discipline  
  3. Keep an archive of user scenarios (GES DISC approach)
  4. Increase access to multi-sensor observations
  5. Help further NASA’s role in climate assessments
  6. Enable transition to users in the applications and decision support communities
  7. Help ensure data quality and provenance
  8. Transition to support for future missions
  9. Allow subsetting and simplified formats
  10. Continue asking GES DISC UWG and science community for clarification on data service enhancements
11:45 – 60 minute lunch (Pizzzza)
Discussion Sessions
The following sessions will each contain questions/issues in which the GES DISC seeks advice/recommendations from its User Working Group
Discussion of the GES DISC’s focus areas addressed to fulfill their data management requirements. How it has changed, and why, and current focus

1. Discovery

  • Update: What kind of data discovery and access methods is particularly useful to users? How can we get more access and discovery input from the user community?

2. Services –

  • Data Quality

Subsetting/Reformatting – Simple Subsetting Wizard          

  • Giovanni and Giovanni Evolution
  • New services implemented. Planned future services. What new data services should be extended, expanded, enhanced?


3:30 – Break

3:45 Session C. Technology Initiatives

1. ESDIS Evolution Initiatives (40 minutes) – ESDIS/GES DISC
2. Community Based Initiatives (55 minutes) – Chris (contributors: Greg, Bruce)
ESC (break with feedback)
ESIP Discovery Cluster
ESIP IQ Cluster (break with feedback)
Simple Subset Wizard
User Scenarios
Community Based Giovanni
Is this enough community participation, not enough, or too much? Enough technology based initiatives? Science initiatives?
5:15     ADJOURN for the day
Dinner TBD


8:00     Breakfast
8:30 - Session C. Technology Initiatives (continued)
3. GES DISC Evolution Initiatives (40 minutes)
-Cloud Computing – Long (Contributors: Mike Theobald, Bruce, Aijun Chen, Ed Esfandiari)/GES DISC 
-Web Redesign – Long and Rashed Chowdhury/GES DISC– followed with discussion
9:10 - Session D. Mission Support (60 minutes)
  1. Multi-Sensor Initiatives– Greg
  2. Model Data – Peter Smith/GES DISC
  3. MEaSUREs Projects Data Support Report - Bruce 
  4. Sustaining completed projects – Steve K
  5. Applications activities (USDA, DSS) – Bill Teng/GES DISC
  6. Data Stewardship and Data Provenance activities – Steve K and Greg
  7. Our new proposed data citation policy (generate strawman)- Chris
10:10   BREAK
10:25   Executive Session: Discuss findings, suggestions, recommendations – UWG Members, ESDIS
11:25   UWG Report out: UWG Recommendations and General Discussion (this meeting, process improvement, next meeting) - All
12:00   UWG Meeting ADJOURNED for the day
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