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UWG Presentations


Attendance List 


The GES DISC User Working Group


April 28, 2009

8:00   Breakfast

8:30    Welcome – Ken Jucks

8:40    Welcome from Code 610 - Steve Wharton

8:50    More Welcomes, Logistics and Introductions, UWG Meeting Agenda, Objectives, Roles and Responsibilities – Steve Kempler

9:05    HQ Perspectives on NASA Earth Science Data Systems – Martha Maiden/Ken Jucks

9:25    EOSDIS Update – Steve Ambrose

9:45    The GSFC Earth Sciences Distributed Active Archive Center (GES DAAC) – Steve Kempler

10:20    User Satisfaction Survey – Jim Acker 10:40

BREAK --------------------------------------------------------

The remaining sessions each contain a series of questions/issues in which the GES DAAC seeks advice/recommendations from its User Working Group. All times approximate.

11:00    Session A. Service Offerings

     1.   What data services should be extended, expanded, enhanced? (45 min)

     2.   What kind of data discovery and access methods is particularly useful to users? How can we get more access and discovery input from the user community? (30 min)

12:15    Lunch

Resume 1:15

     3.  What enhancements should be implemented in Giovanni (Giovanni description to come)? (45 min)

     4.   How can we contribute to the production of high quality science results? (Science Quality and Data Provenance) (30 min)

TAKE HOME ACTION ITEM:    Who will be available/willing to participate in developing and assessing User Scenarios (10 min)

2:40    BREAK

3:00    Session B. Mission and Measurement Support

     1.   For GES DAAC long term planning, what would the UWG recommend in order for the GES DAAC to better prepare for the formulation and/or development of new missions? (30 min)

     2.   What suggestions would you offer to improve multi-sensor data access and usage? (30 min)

     3.   What multi-instrument discipline-specific data usage services can you suggest, that the GES DISC could/should prepare to ensure that user multi-sensor data usage needs are accommodated? (e.g., SOURCE -> GLORY; Aerosol studies; TRMM -> GPM) (20 min)

     4.   External Data (30 min)

          a. How do we prioritize factors in deciding which value added access to external data (e.g., foreign, non-DAAC) should be implemented?

          b. How much should the GES DAAC support field campaign data (i.e. level of service and under what conditions)?

~5:00 ADJOURN for the day

Dinner TBD


April 29, 2009

8:00    Breakfast

8:30    Previous Day Recap, and any follow-up discussion

9:00    Session C. Applications (60 min)

     1.  Given the recent greater emphasis on Earth science applications, how can the GES DAAC contribute to applications research in a meaningful way, and which areas of applications should we contribute to?

      2.  What should the role of Data Centers be in ensuring the post-project sustainment of data and services created as part of NASA-funded projects, in which the DAAC is involved?

10:00    Session D. GES DAAC Future Directions (120 minutes with a break) Are the GES DAAC Future Directions consistent with the needs of the NASA Earth science community? (Documentation describing the GES Future Direction will be sent out prior to the meeting)


12:00   Lunch

1:00    Introduction to MEaSUREs Projects – Rama, Steve Kempler, lead

1:10:    Each MEaSUREs PI discuss their project (each: 10 minutes, 3 minutes for questions). (13X7=91)

Eric Fetzer,   Lucien Froidevaux,   Jay Herman,   Paul Houser,   Richard McPeters,   Chung-Lin Shie,   Christina Hsu (absent)

~2:40    Road to Success for integrating MEaSUREs datasets into the DISC. (Bruce)

3:00   BREAK

3:15    Executive Session: Choose a UWG Chair. Discuss findings, suggestions, recommendations – Ken Lead (this time), UWG Members, ESDIS only

(Concurrently we will give a DISC tour to MEaSUREs PI’s)

4:15    UWG Report: UWG Recommendations and General Discussion (this meeting, process improvement, next meeting) - All

5:00    ADJOURN for the day

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