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Welcome to the GSFC Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) User Working Group (UWG) website. The purpose of this website is to provide information that would help the UWG in performing their 'work' in advising GES DISC in the ways that would best serve the Earth science research and applications community. At the same time, this website serves as a record for the user community to better understand the GES DISC future directions and priorities, and if desired, provide feedback to their GES DISC UWG representatives.

The purpose of the GES DISC UWG is to establish science user involvement in the planning, development, and operations of the GSFC DISC and to represent the science user community in reviewing and guiding DISC development. The UWG is a guiding body for Earth science data management at the GES DISC, as well as for the NASA EOSDIS Program.




Download:  GES DISC UWG MEETING REPORT - April 28-29, 2009


GES DISC UWG Key Points of Contact:

Eric Fetzer - Chair

Ken Jucks - GES DISC Program Scientist

Steve Kempler - GES DISC Manager

Martha Maiden - EOSDIS Program Executive

Jeanne Behnke - EOSDIS Project Science Operations Manager


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