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Goddard Earth Sciences (GES)

Data and Information Services Center (DISC)

User Working Group (UWG)




The purpose of the GES DISC UWG is to establish science user involvement in the planning, development, and operations of the GES DISC, and to represent the science user community in reviewing and guiding DISC evolution in order to better serve the Earth science community, into the future.



UWG Objectives include:

  • Providing feedback on GES DISC strategies to fulfill the NASA Earth science mission
  • Evaluating and guiding GES DISC on data management issues providing a user perspective
  • Providing a science user basis by which to guide the continued evolution of data management systems.
  • Providing advise on the development, acquisition, and usage of specific user services, tools, and datasets that would represent the interests of the broad user community served by the DISC
  • Providing guidance on DISC project level and implementation level priorities


Roles and Responsibilities

The GES DISC UWG will be chartered to fulfill the following roles:

  • Assist in defining and accomplishing the DISC's science data goals
  • Provide guidance on DISC data management priorities
  • Provide oversight and guidance on DISC activities, including data set acquisition, development of value-added products, user support, development activities, and operational functions
  • Provide recommendations about annual work plans and long-range planning
  • Coordinate science issues with the ESDIS Project staff and Program Scientists.
  • Suggest activities (internal and external to the GES DISC) that are consistent with the GES DISC goals, to facilitate science

Responsibilities of the GES UWG include:

  • Understanding the GES DISCs philosophy, operating environment, mission, evolution directions, constraints, issues, choices, etc.
  • Providing recommendations for changes to improve the utility of the DISC to research users
  • Understanding the issues related to, and recommending, data set priorities, including requirements for new significant data products requested by the user community
  • Providing clear, objective recommendations on data management issues
  • Remaining engaged with GES DISC activities and issues throughout the year so to maximize their effectiveness, and be better prepared for consultation.
  • Enhancing GES DISC’s understanding issues/concerns related to managing NASA Earth science data 



Members of the UWG are drawn from the science community appropriate to the DAAC's discipline areas (For the GES DAAC, this would include Atmosheric Composition, Atmospheric Dynamics, Precipitaion and Hydrologic Cycle, Global Modeling, and Multi-sensor Research). Membership is nominally for a term of three years. Members are selected to be representative of both the existing and expected user communities. EOS investigations are represented by members from at least one instrument or Facility team and one Interdisciplinary Scientist team. The DAAC Program Scientist from NASA Headquarters, the NASA HQ Program Executive for Data Systems, the DAAC Manager, and an ESDIS Project Representative serve as ex-officio members of the UWG, and ad hoc members may be appointed by the UWG as specific needs warrant. The UWG is co-chaired by a non-DAAC member and the DAAC Program Scientist.


Meetings and Interface Mechanisms

Meetings of the UWG are scheduled by the co-chairs as required to address DISC issues in a timely fashion. The DISC Manager or Project Scientist is responsible for keeping the UWG informed on the full range of DISC activities and for insuring that appropriate topics and issues are brought to the Group's attention. The DISC Program Scientist provides the mechanism by which UWG recommendations and concerns are communicated to the DISC organization and other groups as required. The UWG will provide formal activity and status reports to DISC and ESDIS management as appropriate.  UWG members are expected to attend the UWG meetings. A substitute should be recommended to the Program Scientist and DISC Manager, if a member cannot attend a meeting.


Funding and Administration

Funds to support activities of the UWG, including travel support for non- Federal government members, will be provided in the GES DISC budget,.  These funds will be controlled by the DISC Manager.

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