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This page contains supporting UWG documents: 

April 28-29, 2009 UWG Meeting:

     -> Download: UWG Membership List and April, 2009 Meeting Participants

     -> UWG Meeting Take Home:  Download: Sample User Scenario

     -> Download: Preliminary day after meeting notes

     -> Download: Ken's, Bob's, Peggy's notes

     -> Download:  Complete Minutes of the GES DISC UWG Meeting



- 'Evolution of Information Management at the GSFC Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (DISC): 2006 - 2007', Steve Kempler, Chris Lynnes, Bruce Vollmer, Gary Alcott, Steve Berrick, TGRS, January, 2009 - Provides GES DISC background information pertaining to it's past, current, and potential evolution.

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