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warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Dec 05, 2016    The GES DISC will be migrating from http to https throughout December   

The GES DISC will be migrating from http to https throughout December for all our data access, services, and web content. If you encounter any issue as result of this transition, please Contact Us so that we can address it.

Starting August 1st, 2016, access to GES DISC data requires all users to be registered with the Earthdata Login system. Data continues to be free of charge and accessible via HTTP. Access to data via FTP will no longer be available on or after October 3rd, 2016. Detailed instructions on how to register and receive authorization to access GES DISC data are provided here

The following is a list of data related services that the GES DISC provides our users to help them get the most out of our data resources. None of these services requires the user to download or install any software. A list of tools provided by the GES DISC, which do require the user to download and install software, can be seen on our Data Tools.

Currently Available Data Services



The GES-DISC Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Interface (Giovanni) is a web-based tool that allows users to analyze gridded data interactively online without having to download any data. Through Giovanni, users are invited to discover and explore our data using sophisticated analyses and visualizations.

Please see our Giovanni interface description page for a full description of Giovanni interfaces.


Mirador (from Spanish, a place providing a wide view) is a Google-based data archive search interface that allows searching, browsing, and ordering of earth science data at NASA GES DISC.

Simple Subset Wizard (SSW)

Use the Simple Subset Wizard (SSW) to submit subset requests for hundreds of data sets across multiple data centers from a single unified interface.


The Open Source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP) enables fine-grained access to many datasets over the Internet and also makes datasets more usable in netCDF-based tools such as IDV, McIDAS-V, Panoply and Ferret.  

To Find OPeNDAP URLs for Data:

  1. The Mirador search tool presents individual OPeNDAP links for many files.  
  2. Navigate through the OPeNDAP hierarchies.


The GrADS Data Server (GDS, formerly known as GrADS-DODS Server) is another form of OPeNDAP that provides subsetting and even some analysis services across the internet. 


Some datasets are available for on-the-fly conversion to NetCDF, making them easy to use in such tools as GrADS, Panoply, IDV and McIDAS-V. 

OGC Web Map Server

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Server (WMS) is an interface that allows the use of data and enables clients to build customized maps with data coming from different networks.

Data Quality Screening Service

The Data Quality Screening Service (DQSS) filters data files based on a combination of quality flags in the data and user's criteria for minimum acceptable quality.  Users can also benefit from the science team's recommendations on quality filtering.  DQSS is available through the Mirador search tool for AIRS Level 2 Standard Retrievals, MLS Level 2 Water Vapor and MLS Level 2 Ozone.

Data Read Software and HDF Tools

Several data tools are provided to help users fully utilize and manipulate GES DISC data products. The tools have been researched, tested, and enhanced if needed to handle the HDF and HDF-EOS data formats. This software is freely available and can generally be downloaded via the Web. The HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center provides links to additional tools and resources that are not listed on this page, but that you may find to be useful. We encourage you to send us information about your tools and the types of applications and data sets you use.


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