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The GrADS Data Server (GDS, formerly known as GrADS-DODS Server) is a stable, secure data server that provides subsetting and analysis services across the internet. The core of the GDS is OPeNDAP (also known as DODS), a software framework used for data networking that makes local data accessible to remote locations.

redsea_hovmoll_lonvstime_2001.gifTRMM Level-3 Data Products, TRMM Ancillary and Other Precipitation Products
The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) is a joint space project with Japan. TRMM is designed to measure tropical precipitation and its variation from a low-inclination orbit combining a suite of sensors to overcome many of the limitations of remote sensors previously used for such measurements from space. The TRMM GDS service provides several popular TRMM Level-3 products, their climatology products and other precipitation products.

index_clip_image002.jpgNorth America Land Data Assimilation System Phase 2 (NLDAS-2) Data Products
NLDAS-2 products are a 30-year data set  (1979-present,in near real-time) of hourly 1/8° surface meteorology and hydrology data overthe continuous United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. NLDAS combines observations from many different sources (rain gauges, radar, satellite, modelreanalysis) to generate a surface forcing dataset, which is used to driveseveral different land-surface models.


Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS) Data Products
GLDAS is generating a series of land surface state and flux products simulated by four land surface models (CLM, Mosaic, Noah and VIC). Current products include a set of 1.0 degree resolution data products from the four models (1979 to present) and a 0.25 degree data product from the Noah model (2000 to present).

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