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TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System (TOVAS)

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Oct 09, 2014    IMPORTANT: TRMM PR Data Unavailable After Oct. 07, 2014 Due to Satellite Descent   

Dear Science User,
As the descent of TRMM is underway users of TRMM PR data should be aware that the last production orbit of public PR data will be orbit #96230 on data date Oct. 7, 2014. After this time the TRMM PR data is restricted.  TRMM TMI data will continue to be produced and publicly available during the descent of the spacecraft until it reaches its decommissioning altitude of 335km.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Oct 08, 2014    Effective October 8th, 2014 all PR data will not be available.   

From PPS: Effective 20:00 EDT, Oct 7 (00:00 UTC Oct 8), the TRMM PR data will no longer be available in near realtime (NRT).  JAXA has determined that TRMM is now below the altitude range for which PR data can be correctly generated.

 As result, effective the stated time you will no longer receive PR NRT data. TMI will continue.

 There might be an opportunity to restart PR NRT when the satellite has descended to about 355KM.  Whether we restart will be largely dependent upon how long we will be at the appropriate altitude range.

 In short, effective October 8th, 2014 all PR data will not be available.


warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Aug 12, 2014    [realtime] TRMM power saving and its possible impact on data distribution    

TRMM realtime users,

 For those who use TRMM PR and LIS, there will be a disruption in data availability. Cell shorts in one of TRMM's batteries necessitates that we shed significant power load right away. As a result, PR and LIS will be temporarily turned off.  We expect the instruments to return to normal observations on Thursday.  This could be the first of many times that this occurs as TRMM's batteries show their age (almost 17 years now).  Also, as TRMM continues to descend, we expect PR data to stop (around November) as TRMM drops below PR's normal operational window.  PR data would become available for a few months (estimated to be in late 2015) when TRMM falls through its original operational altitude of 350 km, assuming that the batteries are healthy enough.

Currently TMI data is not affected.


Welcome to TOVAS, a member of the Giovanni (GES-DISC Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure) family, which provides users with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface for the visualization and analysis of global precipitation data.


Welcome to TOVAS, a member of the Giovanni (GES-DISC (Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center) Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure) family, which provides users with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface for the visualization and analysis of global precipitation data. See the FAQ for further usage on this tool.
Note: If you used the previous version of TOVAS, please read the following important changes:

1) The way to obtain a map for precipitation accumulated over a period has been changed in the new TOVAS. To obtain such map, select "accumulated_precipitation" from the parameter list and "Lat-Lon map, Time-accumulated" from "Select Visualization."

2) The "Lat-Lon map, Time accumulated" service is intended only for this parameter, "accumulated precipitation" or the like. Using it for other parameters may not make physical sense.

3) New output formats: HDF, NetCDF, ASCII, and Google Earth KMZ.


(*See Below for TMPA Subset ASCII Service)

Giovanni-4 Now Available: New! Please try out Giovanni-4, the next generation of Giovanni, with dramatically improved performance and interactive plotting and mapping.

Near-Real-Time Monitoring Product (For research, use Archive Data)

Satellite Rainfall Archives

Ground Observation Archives

Rainfall Product Intercomparison



TMPA Subset ASCII Service

If you are interested in subsetting and converting to ASCII the TMPA data, we have developed a new service that allows you to accomplish this through a URL call. Below is a sample of a URL and the required inputs:,-54,21,-14&TIME=2012-03-31T21:00:00%2F2012-03-31T21:00:00&FLAGS=3B42_V7,Area&SHORTNAME=3B42_V7&VARIABLES=Rain

Here are the acceptable inputs:



TIME=STARTTIME%2FENDTIME     (please retain the same format of YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)

FLAGS=Product_version,Plot type   (plot type is ‘Area’ or ‘Time’, see next line for acceptable Product_version)

SHORTNAME=Product_version (acceptable values are the following: 3B42RT_V7, 3B42RT_Daily, 3B42_V6_Daily, 3B42_V6, 3B43_V6, 3B42_V7, 3B42_V7_Daily, 3B43_V7)

VARIABLES=variable (acceptable values is ‘Rain’ or ‘AccRain’)



Continued improvement of this online tool, and the production and dissemination of these data sets, depends on your (our users) informing us on how you have used this tool and these data. We are particularly interested in the value of this tool and these data sets to your research. Please send your comments to
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