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Precipitation: OVERVIEW

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Mar 04, 2015    TMPA Restarted with October 2014   

On October 07, 2014, routine production ended for the TRMM PR precipitation estimates.  Since PR is no longer available, the TMI/PR combined instrument (TCI) estimates are also no longer available.  As products 3B42/3B43 use the TCI estimates as the satellite calibrator, September 2014 is the last month these products were produced in this way.  In an effort to continue 3B42/3B43 available and usable, the real time TMPA (TMPA-RT) climatological calibrations/adjustments have been adapted for use in the 3B42/3B43.  October 2014 is the first month of the climatologically calibrated/adjusted 3B42/3B43.  Users should note there will be a discontinuity in the record as a result.  Each individual user must determine the most appropriate use of the climatologically calibrated/adjusted 3B42/3B43 products.

The two-month latency for 3B42/3B43 remains the same with this new calibration.  The delayed release for October 2014 reflects both development work and a problem with the input IR data.  The previously released "provisional" data set is now considered obsolete and should not be used (although in many areas it is identical to this official release).  As well, a (different) problem with the input IR for November 2014 is not yet resolved, so that data set is still in provisional status.  We expect to have updated November 2014 IR data in the very near future, and thereafter run on the usual schedule.

For more details, see this document.


Welcome to the Precipitation Data and Information Services Center (PDISC). Here are some links to help you get started:

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Sign up for the GES DISC Precipitation Portal listserv to receive announcements on the latest data information, tools and services that become available, data announcements from PPS and more! Contact the GES DISC User Services to be added to the list.

Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM)

GPM LogoAn international satellite mission to be launched by NASA and JAXA in 2014 that will set new standards for precipitation measurements worldwide using a network of satellites united by the GPM Core Observatory.  For more information on the mission visit the Precipitation Measurement Missions informational web site.

The GES DISC will archive the data and provide the same expansive services currently offered to the user community for the TRMM data products. More information will be available as the data gets closer to the launch of the mission.


Search for Precipitation Data

mirador_thumb.jpg TRMM data can be located using our new fast and efficient search interface Mirador.


Explore Precipitation Data with Giovanni

Giovanni IconGiovanni TOVAS, a member of the Giovanni (GES-DISC DAAC On-line Visualization and Analysis System) family,provides users with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface for the visualization and analysis of Earth Science data without having to download the data first.

PDISC Guide for New Users

For users new to the PDISC, we offer a getting started guide.

Precipitation Data Services at the DISC

  • Facilitate data access, information processing to support precipitation research and decision making
  • Nurture cross disciplinary precipitation related research, such as energy and water cycle, aerosol-precipitation interactions

The data holdings at the PDISC consist of remote sensing, in-situ and forecast (to be added in the future) precipitation and ancillary data. The PDISC also provides access to near-real-time and historical precipitation data. The TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System TOVAS provides a fast and easy way to access the most popular products. While you're here, check out:


Latest News

MODIS-Aqua nighttime temperatures in Europe, June 2008, mapped with Giovanni-4.  The data is from the Land Processes DAAC, a Federated Giovanni partner.
Feb 24, 2015 - The January-February 2015 issue of The Giovanni News is online

Issue has articles on Federated Giovanni, 2014 publication count, OMI data, and "Top 10" cake

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Radio transmitters revealed where juvenile loggerhead turtles live, in research performed with the aid of the Giovanni system.  (Picture by the University of Central Florida/Brian Boesch.)
Jan 29, 2015 - 226 scientific publications citing the Giovanni system were counted in 2014

Many different Earth science disciplines represented in research using NASA data visualization system

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The NASA GES DISC "Top 10" Highlights of 2014.  See text for explanation of each image.
Jan 23, 2015 - The NASA GES DISC Top 10 Highlights of 2014

Ten notable achievements in an eventful year for NASA Earth science data center in Greenbelt, Maryland

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Giovanni-4 seasonal time series plot of AOD over Brazil, comparing Dec-Jan-Feb (blue), Sep-Oct-Nov (black), and March-April-May (green)
Jan 09, 2015 - The December 2014 issue of The Giovanni News is now available online

Issue features an example of Giovanni-4 seasonal data analysis

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TRMM image of precipitation from Typhoon Hagupit, December 4, 2014.  TRMM data are the subject of a GES DISC presentation at the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting.
Jan 02, 2015 - NASA GES DISC Presentations at the 2015 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Data center scientists provide information on California drought, data 'recipes', and precipitation data

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