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Sample Software

TRMM HDF Data File Read Software

The Goddard DAAC Hydrology Team has developed the TRMM HDF Data File Read Software, first released in February 1999. The software reads TRMM HDF data files and writes out to flat binary files. The software has been tested with most of the TRMM standard products, as well as with some derived subset products. Both C and Fortran versions are available from

TSDIS Toolkit

TSDIS developed the TSDIS Science Algorithm Toolkit to assist the TRMM Science Team's algorithm developers. The toolkit provides a library of commonly used routines, constants, and macros. It also allows seamless integration of TRMM algorithms into the TSDIS environment.

The toolkit provides routines for reading and writing data to and from the HDF files; routines are provided for Levels 1-3 products and for both satellite and GV. Each of the routines in the toolkit are callable in either C or Fortran. The toolkit also includes routines for reading land/sea data and topographical data.

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