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TRMM V5 TO V6 Major Data Format Changes

Algorithm V5 to V6 Major Changes
(Minor format changes are not listed)

Added Land/Ocean Flag values for high attenuation pixels.


Latent Heating is calculated.  (It was filled with "missing" in V5.)


Added additional Bright Band parameters. Rain Type became 3-digit to add more detail.


Added Estimated Surface Rain.
Added Epsilon_0, the adjustment parameter computed from the surface reference and a priori attenuation assumptions.
Added precipitation water parameters.
Added copy of Rain Type from 2A23.
Added Final PIA and PIA from 2A21.


Added Latent Heating.


A new 0.5 x 0.5 degree gridded monthly product comprising mean 2A12 data and calculated vertical hydrometeor profiles as well as mean surface rainfall.


Added 140 variables, mostly statistics, on the new 2A23 Bright Band variables and the new 2A25 Estimated Surface Rain.


Extended spatial coverage to 50°S - 50°N, spatial resolution to 0.25° (V5 was 40°S - 40°N, 1.0°), and temporal resolution (granule size) to 3 hours.  (V5 was 1 day.)


Extended spatial coverage to 50°S - 50°N and spatial resolution to 0.25° (V5 coverage was 40°S - 40°N, resolution 1.0°).


An experimental monthly gridded product, Convective/Stratiform Heating at 0.5° is added.  (CSH is not a TRMM Standard Product.)

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