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You may have many questions about tropical precipitation features, such as

  • what is the mean climatology
  • where are the maximum and minimum precipitation regions
  • how much does precipitation vary from the mean climatology on seasonal, annual and interannual time scales
  • what is the diurnal variation,
  • what other meteorological variables vary together with precipitation
  • what are the relationship among them

Some of these questions may already have answers, but some are still under investigation.

Data analysis methods provide you the means to look insightfully at the information in the data and help you answer these questions regarding tropical precipitation features. Precipitation data or other meteorological data have up to four dimensions.These are surface dimensions of width and length, the dimension of vertical space extending from the earth to the upper levels of the atmosphere and the time dimension.So, spatial and temporal variability of a meteorological field is one of the basic features we have to analyze. Moreover, there is more than one variable in a weather system,therefore the study of mutual correlations among these meteorological variables is as important as the feature itself.There are a variety of analysis methods that are able to depict spatial and temporal characteristics of meteorological data, and to extract the correlated variation signature from a pair of data fields.

If you are new to the analysis methods in meteorology, you may like to learn them, and then apply these methods to tropical precipitation data.Here we provide you this opportunity.We describe some popular analysis methods for meteorological data.If a method is suitable to TRMM precipitation data, we will apply it to sample TRMM data, and discuss the results. All these TRMM data are accessible via at the GES DISC.


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