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TRMM Science Focus



TRMM Orbit Viewer helps identify "monster" hurricanes!

Building upon the pioneering work of Joanne Simpson, Jeffrey Halverson and other severe storm experts, Owen Kelley and John Stout of Goddard Space Flight Center and George Mason University are using the TRMM Orbit Viewer to target potential "monster" storms as they develop.According to Kelley, "The motivation for this new research is that it is not enough to predict the birth of a tropical cyclone. We also want to improve our ability to predict the intensity of the storm and the damage it would cause if it struck the coast."
(From the presentation at the American Meteorological Society annual meeting in Seattle, January 12, 2004)

More Applications of TRMM Scientific Data

These examples are from TRMM related research and applications reported in both professional journals and distributed web sites.Rather than providing detailed descriptions, we integrate them into a brief overall site here.Each example or topic is a subpage covering those two aspects. The references and relevant links are also listed under each topic.

The Hydrology Data Support Team at the Goddard DAAC provides this site with a two-fold purpose. First, to exhibit examples of TRMM data usage in scientific research. These examples provide users a means of quickly and easily grasping the concepts of the scientific information in the TRMM data. Secondly, the contents of the sample TRMM data are described and visually depicted. This is intended to familiarize users with TRMM data contents.For general TRMM background and our TRMM data service please see: GES DISC Precipitation Page .

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