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Ozone Related Thesis & Dissertations

  • Segers, A. 2002: Data assimilation in atmospheric chemistry models using Kalman filtering
    Ph.D. Thesis, Delft University. The thesis describes the development of a data assimilation tool around an airpollution model based on a Kalman filter. Ph.D. thesis , more information

  • Bronnimann, S., 2001: Near-surface ozone concentrations in Switzerland: Trends and processes. Ph.D Thesis, Institute of Geography, University of Bern. [pdf, 138p]

  • Meijer, E., 2001: Modelling the impact of subsonic aviation on the composition of the atmosphere. Ph.D. Thesis, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. [pdf, 7.1 Mbyte]

  • Spurr, R.J.D., 2001: Linearized Radiative Transfer Theory: A General Discrete Ordinate Approach to the Calculation of Radiances and Analytic Weighting Functions, with Application to Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Ph.D. Thesis, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
  • Buchwitz, M., 2000: Radiative transfer and inversion algorithms for the retrieval of atmospheric trace gas total column amounts from satellite nadir radiance measurements in the UV/visible/near-infrared spectral region [Stahlungstransport- und Inversions-Algorithmen zur Ableitung atmospharischer Spurengasinformationen aus Erdfernerkundungsmessungen in Nadirgeometrie im ultravioletten bis nahinfraroten Spektralbereich am Beispiel SCIAMACHY ]
    (7.1 MB, 381 pages), Ph. D. thesis, University of Bremen, erschienen im Logos Verlag Berlin (, ISBN 3-89722-469-0, ISSN 1615-6862.

  • Korpela, S., 1991: A study of the operational principles of the GOMOS instrument for global ozone monitoring by the occultation of stars. Geophysical publications, no. 22. Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, 1991. Ph.D thesis at the Helsinki University of Technology.
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