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Web-Based Interactive Data Access and Data Analysis Tools

  • Giovanni (online visualization and analysis system at ACDISC): creates images and extracts data for user selected subset regions, plots zonal averages and time series, and generates animations. This interface is being developed for data from models and data from satellite sensors such as TOMS, MODIS, AIRS, HALOE, and Aura Sensors.

Software and Tools for Data in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF)

  • HDF Sofware & Tools (a comprehensive list of tools)
  • hdf_reader & h5_reader (a command line program in C language to view the contents of an HDF4 & 5 file, as well as to subset the data therein, and save it as an ASCII or binary data)
  • atmos_h4 & h5 (a general purpose simple IDL based program for accessing, subsetting and visualizing data from HDF4 & HDF5 based files)
  • Simple HDF File Dump & H5 to H2 Conversion Utilities  (command line utilities for HDF 4&5 files, for example h5dump, h5ls, h5toh2, h2toh5)
  • HDFView (a graphic utility designed for viewing and editing the contents of HDF 4 & 5 andHDF-EOS files. It is able to subset and save it into HDF, ASCII and binary files)HE5View(a Java-based tool for browsing and editingHDF5 files)
  • Panoply - Simple Data Viewer for HDF files; a cross-platform application which plots geo-gridded arrays from netCDF, HDF and GRIB datasets.

Other Analysis Tools for Binary and ASCII Data Formats

  • GrADS (Grid Analysis & Display System designed to handle many data types)
  • ImageJ (takes all data types,e.g 8-bit, 16-bit unsigned integer, 32-bit floating-point and 32-bit with capability of bit swapping; also opens and edits all graphic images as raw data, displays a "stack" of related images in a single window, and processes an entire stack using a single command; runs on Linux, Mac and Windows).


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