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Ozone and the Atmosphere

Earth is an extraordinary planet.Complex interactions between the land, oceans, and atmosphere created conditions that are favorable for life.One species, man, has managed to alter the environment on a global scale.In order to fully comprehend the impact of our actions, we must view the planet as a whole and understand the relationship between its basic components; land, water, and air.

This web site discusses the chemical composition and evolution of Earth's atmosphere, focusing on the protective layer of ozone in the stratosphere. The destructive properties of tropospheric ozone are also presented.Diagrams and animation sequences are used to visually depict the delicate structure of the ozone molecule and the chemical reactions involved in its formation and destruction.Ozone destroying pollutants were first identified in 1973.Since that time there has been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding the subject of ozone depletion.More than 20 years of ozone-related scientific studies, international meetings, and global industrial agreements are summarized in the last section of this site.

Earth's Atmosphere
Historical Atmosphere
Formation of the Ozone Layer
Present Day Atmosphere
Atmospheric Structure
Understanding Ozone
Destructive Ozone
Protective Ozone
Ozone Production and Destruction
The Ozone Balance
Social Considerations

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