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Hardcopy CZCS Documents available from the Goddard DAAC

Updated May 2001: The documents listed here are somewhat outdated and difficult to obtain. If there is an urgent necessity for one of these documents, please contact the Ocean Color Data Support Team,

To obtain copies of the documents listed below, please contact the Goddard DAAC Helpdesk.


phone: 301-614-5224

Nimbus 7 Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) Level 1 Data Product Users' Guide

"Nimbus 7 Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) Level 1 Data Product Users' Guide" NASA TM 86203, S.P. Williams, E.F. Szajna and W.A. Hovis. Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771. July, 1986, Hardcopy only: 53 pages, bound.

Abstract: The CZCS is a scanning multispectral radiometer designed specifically for the remote sensing of Ocean Color parameters from an Earth orbiting space platform. This Technical Manual is intended for users of Nimbus 7 CZCS Level 1 data products. It contains information needed by investigators and Data Processing personnel in order to operate on the data using digital computers and related equipment.

This TM remains the most extensive guide to CZCS Level 1 data, but does not adequately describe the present archived format of CZCS Level 1 data. The Goddard DAAC has written a brief addendum describing the current format. This addendum is attached to the TM and is distributed with every copy.

The Nimbus 7 Users' Guide

"The Nimbus 7 Users' Guide.Prepared by the Landsat/Nimbus Project, Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Edited by Charles R. Madrid, Management and Technical Services Company. Beltsville, MD. August, 1978." Hardcopy only: 289 pages, bound.

Abstract: This rare, unnumbered NASA publication provides users with background information on the Nimbus 7 spacecraft and instruments to help them understand Nimbus 7 data, including CZCS, in their historical context.

The original spacecraft system operation, mission and scientific objectives of the Nimbus 7 flight project are outlined, followed by a detailed discussion of each of the instruments. The early formats, archiving and access to the data are described in detail since these data handling responsibilities denoted a major departure from the data processing methods used prior to that time. This document also includes a list of all of the original Science Team members.

PC-SEAPAK User's Guide

"PC-SEAPAK User's Guide, Version 4.0. NASA TM 1044557, Charles R. McClain, Gary Fu, Michael Darzi and James K Firestone, January, 1992." Hardcopy only: 332 pages, bound.

(Note that SeaDAS is now capable of processing CZCS Level 1 data to Level 2 with all of the capabilities of SEAPAK.)

Abstract: The SEAPAK data processing software package was designed to provide complete and affordable capability for processing and analysis of NOAA Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) and Nimbus-7 Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) data. SEAPAK incorporates the instrument calibration and supports all levels of CZCS data available from the Goddard DAAC. It is available via anonymous FTP.Instructions for obtaining and installing SEAPAK are included in Chapter 16 of the online Web GDAAC CZCS Guide document.

This manual describes all 116 subroutines included in the Version 4.0 release of the PC version of SEAPAK. Although this manual was written specifically for users of the PC version of SEAPAK, it remains the best available documentation for all versions of SEAPAK and is the ONLY documentation on SEAPAK available from the Goddard DAAC.

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