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Here you will find CZCS, SeaWiFS, and OCTS documents of interest to the scientific ocean color investigator, although they are also useful references for educators and students. The Educational page contains several more informational documents of general interest.


For an introduction to CZCS data collection, processing and analysis, we provide the "Getting Started with CZCS" document, written for both laymen and ocean color scientists. The "CZCS Guide" is a general information document intended for technical users of these data. The CZCS Readme gives information neccessary for using CZCS data. The "CZCS Sensor Guide" is a retrospective of the history and performance of the CZCS Sensor. There are also several CZCS documents available in hard copy from the Goddard DAAC Helpdesk and more CZCS information at the SeaWiFS Project.


Many of the SeaWiFS documents below are maintained by the SeaWiFS Project.  Of particular interest are the documents entitled "How to become a SeaWiFS Authorized Research User" and "SeaWiFS Recently Asked Questions".


SIMBIOS-NASDA-OCTS (Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner)


Seeking Documents

Do you have a rare or otherwise hard to find copy of a CZCS or Ocean Color document? We want this Web site to be as all-inclusive as possible. Please contact us if you have an interesting, non-copyrighted document that you would like to contribute for free and open distribution via the World Wide Web.

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