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To All LANCE AIRS and LANCE MLS Near Real Time Users

AIRS and MLS Near Real Time data are now available from servers that utilize user registration.  NRT data are available via FTP at


The same data products are available from either redundant server.

AIRS and MLS Near Real Time (NRT) systems at GES DISC are components of the Land and Atmosphere Near real time Capability   for EOS (LANCE). In accordance with NASA policy, user registration has been implemented for access to NRT data processed and  distributed through all LANCE elements.
A username and password is required to access to Near Real Time data offered through LANCE. 
You can self-register to gain access to the data. 
1) Create an account on the EOSDIS wide self-registration system
Self-registration is available at
2) Respond to the verification email
3) Modify data retrieval scripts as necessary using username and password
This same username/password combination will work to gain access to all data served by LANCE elements (MODIS, AIRS, MLS, OMI, AMSR-E).
User registration has been implemented to better serve NRT data users by providing up to date information on data availability, 
system capabilities, planned maintenance activities and other information that users may need in a timely manner. Additionally, metrics  on NRT data product access and usage can be easily compiled.
Please contact if you encounter any issues. 
You may also be interested in visiting for more information on other LANCE products.
Kevin Murphy

Bruce Vollmer

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