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Nimbus-6 HIRS

The Nimbus-6 satellite was successfully launched on June 12, 1975. The Nimbus-6 High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS) experiment was similar to the Infrared Temperature Profile Radiometer (ITPR) instrument flown on Nimbus V.

HIRS is a 17 channel filter radiometer with a Cassegrain telescope before a chopper assembly. The instrument scans in the cross track direction with 21 scans on each side of the subtrack point with about 30 km x 55 km resolution at nadir. Measurement objectives include:

  • Temperature sounding (cold regions) - seven channels near the 15-micrometer CO2 absorption band

  • Surface temperature - two channels at 11.1 and 3.7 micrometers (IR windows)

  • Water vapor sounding - two channels at 8.2 and 6.7 micrometers (water vapor absorption bands)

  • Temperature sounding (warm regions) - five channels in the 4.3 micrometer band

  • Cloud detection (daytime) - one channel in the visible 0.69-micrometer region

More information can be found in the README file or Nimbus-6 Users' Guide under the Documentation link on the menu bar.

You may download the Nimbus-6 HIRS data product by selecting the "Data Holdings" link on the menu bar.

If you have questions about the Nimbus-6 HIRS data, documentation or services, please let us know.

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