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Nimbus-4 THIR

The Nimbus-4 satellite was successfully launched on April 8, 1970. The Nimbus-4 Temperature-Humidity Infrared Radiometer (THIR) experiment replaced the HRIR and MRIR instruments flown on Nimbus-3.

THIR is a two channel high resolution scanning radiometer designed to perform two major functions:

  • 11.5 micron channel provides both day and night cloud top or surface temperatures. The ground resolution at the sub-point is 8km and operates day and night.

  • 6.7 micron channel gives information on the moisture content of the upper troposphere and stratosphere and the location of jet streams and frontal systems. The water vapor channel has a resolution of the sub-point is 22 km and operates mostly at night.

More information can be found in the README file or Nimbus-4 Users' Guide under the Documentation link on the menu bar.

You may download the Nimbus-4 THIR data products by selecting the "Data Holdings" link on the menu bar.

If you have questions about the Nimbus-4 THIR data, documentation or services, please let us know.


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