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Nimbus Documents

Nimbus 1 Documents

Nimbus 1 Interim Report

Nimbus 1 HRIR Inventory 20141030.xls

Film Data Inventory


Nimbus 2 Documents

Nimbus 2 Interim Report  


Nimbus 2 MRIR Inventory 20160714.xls

Nimbus 2 HRIR Inventory 20161013.xls

Film Data Inventory

Nimbus 3 Documents

Nimbus 3 Interim Report
Nimbus 3 MRIR Inventory 20161010.xls
Nimbus 3 HRIR Inventory 20161013.xls

Nimbus 3 SIRS Inventory 20140702.xls

Film Data Inventory

Nimbus 4 Documents

Nimbus 4 Interim Report
Nimbus 4 THIR Ch 115 Inventory 20161013.xls 
Nimbus 4 THIR Ch 67 Inventory 20140821.xls

Nimbus 4 SIRS Inventory 20140721.xls

Nimbus 4 BUV Inventory 20160105.xls

Nimbus 4 SCR Inventory 20140721.xls

Nimbus 4 IRIS Inventory 20150216.xls

Film Data Inventory

Nimbus 5 Documents

Nimbus 5 Interim Report

Nimbus 5 THIR Ch 67 Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 5 THIR Ch 115 Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 5 SCMR Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 5 SCR Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 5 NEMS Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 5 ITPR Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 5 ESMR Inventory 20160615.xls

Film Data Inventory


Nimbus 6 Documents

Nimbus 6 Interim Report

Nimbus 6 THIR Ch 67 Inventory 20140127.xls

Nimbus 6 THIR Ch 115 Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 6 LRIR Inventory 20141222.xls

Nimbus 6 SCAMS Inventory 20161102.xls

Nimbus 6 HIRS Merged Inventory 20141222.xls

Film Data Inventory


Nimbus 7 Documents

Nimbus 7 Interim Report

Nimbus 7 THIR Inventory 20160714.xls

N7 THIR CLDT Tape Specification Document

Film Data Inventory


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