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Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) is an international program of coordinated research on the state and dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems in Northern Eurasia and their interactions with the Earth's Climate system. The program is designed to enhance scientific knowledge of these ecosystems as well as to develop predictive capabilities to support informed decision-making and practical applications.

The GES DISC NEESPI portal is a multi-sensor, online, easy access data archive and distribution system to provide advanced data management capabilities in support of the NEESPI scientific objectives. Its tools include data analysis and visualization, data mining and other techniques for better science data usage.

The portal integrates remote sensing data from MODIS, AVHRR, and other instruments on board polar-orbiting satellites, with customized data products from climatology data sets and models into a single "one-stop-shopping" interdisciplinary NEESPI data center for remote sensing products.

The goals of GES DISC NEESPI are:

  1. To provide a cohesive well-architectured data management system with convenient access to geophysical parameters measured in the Northern Eurasia region through one portal.
  2. To eliminate the need for data discovery process, reformatting numerous data sources to a common format, or retrieval and processing large data volumes. Remote sensing and model data are prepared, archived and made available on-line along with convenient visualization/analysis tools and data mining options.
  3. To make data and data analysis tools available to NEESPI investigators, researchers of the Northern Eurasia region, and scientists studying the influence of natural and human induced processes in Northern Eurasia on the global environment.

GES DISC NEESPI is based on the following approach:

  • Multi-sensor – the portal will archive and distribute Earth Science data over the NEESPI study area from multiple sensors to facilitate long term, interdisciplinary research
  • Web-based access – using popular and easy-to-use GES DISC interface.
  • On-line archive – allowing for direct retrieval of data via ftp
  • Subsetting tools – allowing for the retrieval of smaller volume of data (i.e. only data needed)
  • On-line analysis and visualization – using the popular customizable tools of Giovanni
  • Data mining tools – removing the burden of data reduction from the scientist - allowing to run algorithms on the data and to retrieve results only
  • Data stewardship – ensuring that all data and documentation are safely kept for long term science objectives
  • NEESPI scientist guided – involving NEESPI community representatives to make suggestions and evaluate results 

The NASA NEESPI Data and Services Center project is supported by NASA HQ through ROSES 2005 NNH05ZDA001N-ACCESS.

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