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Climate Modeling and Reanalysis

  • AMIP: Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
  • JRA-25: Japanese 25-year Reanalysis Project
  • NARR: North American Regional Reanalysis
  • NARCCAP: North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program
  • NCEP R-2: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Satellite Missions

Verification Data Sets

  • CEOP: Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period
  • CMAP: CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation
  • CRU: Climatic Research Unit
  • ERBE: Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
  • GPCP: Global Precipitation and Climatology Project
  • GSSTF: Goddard Satellite-based Surface Turbulent Fluxes
  • GSWP: Global Soil Wetness Project
  • HOAPS: Hamburg Ocean Atmosphere Parameters and fluxes from Satellite (SSM/I) data
  • ISCCP: International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
  • NVAP: NASA Water Vapor Project
  • OAFlux: Objectively Analyzed air-sea Fluxes for the global oceans

Relevant Research

Reanalysis Applications


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