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Past & Previous Alerts

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Feb 01, 2016    MERRA to stop production February 29, 2016   

GMAO will cease production of the MERRA data set on February 29, 2016. The data set will continue to be available through the interface and current dissemination services until further notice. The science community is strongly encouraged to use the MERRA-2 data set that is now available. Please see the latest news announcement on the MERRA-2 data and how to access documentation and services.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jun 17, 2015    MERRA Chemistry data from (goldsmr1) will be unavailable Thursday June 18, 2015 from 10am-4pm   

MERRA Chemistry data (goldsmr1) server will be unavailable on Thursday June 18, 2015 from 10am-4pm while we do some maintenance. All other MERRA products will be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Oct 25, 2013    MERRA Monthly Ocean Surface Flux data   

MERRA Monthly Ocean Surface Flux data contains incorrect variable names starting from November 2011. All of these data products will be corrected and replaced.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jun 06, 2013    Maintenance on MERRA 3D Data server (goldsmr3)   

Due to system maintenance, the MERRA 3D Data server (goldsmr3) will be temporarily unavailable starting at 3pm. We expect the outage to last 1 hour. Thank you for your patience. Any questions please contact


warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Mar 15, 2012    03/15/2012 - 2D data temporarily unavailable on 3/15/2012 for 2 hours   

The 2D MERRA data will be temporarily unavailable today, 03/15/2012, for system maintenance. We only expect this downtime to be 2 hours for the user community and will begin at 2pm EST.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jan 26, 2012    01/26/2012 - 4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis Travel Support   

4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalyses

7-11 May 2012,  Silver Spring, Maryland USA

We would like to call your attention to the approaching deadline for travel support to the 4th International Conference on Reanalyses on Jan 27 2012. Graduate students and early career scientists may like to get more information here:

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (Deadline: 13 Feb 2012)

For more information on the conference or to submit an abstract, visit the Conference website at:

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Apr 25, 2011    2D data back online   

The server that holds the 2D MERRA data is back available and all services have been fully restored. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact Dana Ostrenga ( Thank you for your patience.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Apr 07, 2011    Tavg1_2d_Nx_rad (MAT1NXRAD) files being replaced   

The data files for the tavg1_2d_Nx_rad data product are currently being replaced so you may experience some difficulty with accessing the data files. The new files will be reversioned to 101, 201 and 301 to record the change. The initial version of this file had incorrect long_name metadata for SWTNT, SWTNTCLR, SWTNTCLN, SWTNTCLRCLN.  This corrected file was generated on 04/06/2011.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Nov 08, 2010    Replacement Data Complete   

The data to replace the June 1, 2010 through August, 2010 has completed ingestion to the archive and is now available for access.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Oct 29, 2010    Data after June 1, 2010 temporarily unavailable   

Earlier this year, a compiler was upgraded on our supercomputing platform. Code modifications implemented at the time of the compiler upgrade introduced a problem into the post processing program that compresses and prepares data files for transfer to the DISC where the data are publicly accessible. So that: all MERRA data after data date June 1, 2010 will be replaced and is currently no longer accessible at the DISC. This includes Monthly means from May 2010 on, but not the May 2010 data.
For those that may have downloaded data for the period June 1 - August 31, 2010, consider very carefully whether to continue using the data. So far, the only variables we have confirmed are corrupted are the roughness lengths for momentum and heat. We have no reason to think that other variables are not affected, hence the recall. The GMAO does not recommend the use of this data if you downloaded it before this recall.
The MERRA system and archive data are not affected by this issue. The system continues to run in near real time. Once the post processing code is fixed, the archive data will be reprocessed and posted to the DISC.

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Mar 28, 2010    Completion of ingest of MERRA mainstream data    

Updating of the MERRA data products site to contain only Mainstream data has completed as of the afternoon on Friday, March 26, 2010. Stream 1 has now been extended to cover the years 1989 through 1992, and Stream 2 has been extended to cover 1998 through 2000. We want to thank you for your patience during this period. If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to the GES DISC User Services (

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