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Parameters in Giovanni MAIRS Monthly Higher Resolution Instance


Parameter list of Giovanni MAIRS monthly products of 5km or higher resolution (mairs_monthly_hres)


UnitSpatial ResolutionSpatial Coverage
Temperal CoverageSensor

Land Surface Observations

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 1kmunitless1 km

Monsoon Asia

(0o- 60oN, 60oE-150oE)


MODIS monthly 1km Vegetation Index over Monsoon Asia

Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) 1kmunitless

1 km

Moonsoon Asia

(0o - 60 oN,


Normalized Diffeence Vegetation Index (DNVI)unitless5.6 kmGlobal2000.02MODIS-TerraReadme
Enhanced Vegetation Indexunitless5.6 kmGlobal2000.02MODIS-Terra
Land Surface TemperatureK5.6 kmGlobal2000.03MODIS-TerraReadme

  Oceanic Observations

Chlorophyll a concentrationmg/m34 kmGlobal2002.07 -MODIS-Aqu

Ocean Level-3


Reprocessing 2012


Colored Disolved Organic Matter (CDOM) Indexunitless4 kmGlobal 2002.07-MODIS-Aqua
Euphotic depthm4 kmGlobal2002.07MODIS-Aqua
Sea Surface TemperatureC4kmGlobal2002.07MODIS-Aqua 


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