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MAIRS: Overview

Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS) is an international research program focused on human-monsoon system interaction. The program will attempt to understand to what extent human activities may modulate the Asia monsoon climate and how a changed monsoon climate will impact further social and economic development of Asia. MAIRS research is divided into three study zones: High Mountain Zones, Dry-land and Semi-arid Zones, as well as Mega-City Zones (Urban and Coastal Zones), which emphasize six cutting edge issues of environmental change: water, energy, food security, air quality and health, natural disasters, and biodiversity.

The goal of the NASA GES DISC MAIRS project is to support the international MAIRS program by heavily leveraging the infrastructure, data, and tools of the successful NASA GES DISC NEESPI ((Northern Eurasian EArth Science Partnership Initiative) project. GES DISC MAIRS will provides support activities similar to the international NEESPI program, which include:

  • Providing NASA satellite remotely-sensed and modeled land, atmospheric, and oceanic data (and their subsets) over the Asian monsoon region, using data from archives at the NASA NEESPI project and other public data sources;
  •  Providing an innovative Web-based visualization tool to allow preliminary studies of correlations and interactions between various atmospheric, land, and socioeconomic variables to assess mutual relationships;
  • Providing data information (metadata) portal which contains satellite remotely-sensed data, global and region model products, as well as ground measurements; and
  • Providing technical expertise in data management and interoperability to our regional partner, the Nanjing Atmospheric Data Service Center at Nanjing University Information Sciences & Technology, China, for the creation of a data sharing framework.


The NASA GES DISC MAIRS project is supported by NASA HQ through ROSES 2008 NNH08ZDA001N-LCLUC.


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