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Science Focus

 The Asian monsoon region hosts the largest human population density in the world. In the past several decades, this region has the most rapid development of regional economy, and this remarkable pace of development is expected to continue in the coming decades.  The powerful human activities in the Asian monsoon region has had -- and will continue to have -- significant impact on local, regional, and global climate. It is expected that the human presence here will also influence natual environment on all scale from local to global.

The scientific objectives of the NASA GES DISC MAIRS project are to provide data, services, and information which will maximize scientific support, enabling MAIRS to achieve its stated scientific objectives; and to conduct studies intended to improve data quality and reliability.



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Presentations on Conferences and Workshops:

  • Shen S., G. Leptoukh, H. Rui, J. Pan, S.  Berrick, S.  Kempler: Exploration of Meteorology and Oceanography Data for Climate Monitoring and Studies through Giovanni, AMS, Jan 11-15 2009, Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Leptoukh, G., Shen, S., Gerasimov, I., NASA Data and Services Supporting Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study in Eastern Asia . Joint NASA LCLUC Science Team Meeting and GOFC-GOLD/NERIN, NEESPI, MAIRS Workshop , Sep 15-19, 2009, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Shen, S. Leptoukh, G., Gerasimov, I., NASA Satellite and Model Data and Services to Support NEESPI and MAIRS Projects, AGU Fall, San Francisco, CA  December 14-19 2009
  • Shen, S. G. Leptoukh: Utilizing Higher Resolution Land Surface Remote Sensing Data for Assessing Trends over Asia Monsoon Region,  MAIRS DRYLAND WORKING GROUP ON COUPLED HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT SYSTEMS, Mar 22-25 2010, Kunming, China
  • Shen, S. Leptoukh, G., Gerasimov, I. Updates of Land Surface and Air Quality Product in NASA MAIRS and NEESPI Data Portal, EGU Spring Meeting, May 2-7 2010 Vienna, Austria
  • Shen, S., H. Fang, G. Leptoukh, NASA Satellite and Model Land Data Services: Data Access Tutorial, Training for “The 2nd summer school on land surface observing, modeling and data assimilation”, July 13-16, Beijing, China
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, and I. Gerasimov, Estimation of Surface Air Temperature from MODIS 1km Resolution Land Surface Temperature over Northern China, AUG2010Fall Meeting, Dec 13-17 2010, San Francisco, CA
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, and I.Gerasimov, Expanding the Giovanni Holdings for LCLUC and Climate Study over Monsoon Asia Region, 15th LCLUC Spring Science Team Meeting , University of Maryland, Maryland, March 28-30 2011
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, X. Sun and I. Gerasimov, Updates of Satellite Products in NASA MAIRS Data Portal to Support Regional Study over Monsoon Asia , The 2nd MAIRS Workshop on Coupled Human-Environment Systems in Asian Dryland , June 8-10 2011, Harbin, China
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, I. Gerasimov, MODIS Land Products Available in Giovanni to Support Asia Monsoon Regional Study, NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems, October 3-5 2011, Alexandria, VA
  • Shen, S.,  G. Leptoukh, I. Gerasimov, Online Time Series Analysis of Land Products over Asia Monsoon Region via Giovanni, NASA LCLUC Science Team Meeting, Nov. 05-11 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, and P. Romanov, Accessing Recent Trend of Land Surface Temperature from Satellite Observations, AGU Fall,  San Francisco, CA  December 5-9 2011
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, I. Gerasimov, S. Kempler, Exploring Remote Sensing Products Online with Giovanni for Studying Urbanization, NASA LCLUC Science Team meeting, April 3-5 2012, Maryland
  • Shen, S., G. Leptoukh, and S.  Kempler, Analysis of Vegetation Index Variations and the Asian Monsoon Climate, EGU General Assembly, April 22-27 2012, Vienna, Austria
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