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Read programs in FORTRAN and C are available for interpreting the contents of the MSU HDF and native format files. Some details of these programs are given below:

MSU Files in HDF Format

A sample FORTRAN program is available to read the HDF version of the MSU data. It is an interactive program designed to allow the user to select a particular array in the file, and then output the array values either for the entire globe or for user-specified regional subsets.In order to use this program you must have the HDF library installed on your system. Pre-compiled HDF library binaries for Unix, VAX/VMS, MacIntosh. and Windows 95/NT can be freely downloaded from NCSA's web site.

MSU Files in Native Format

For the MSU temperature files in native (IEEE binary) format, C program can be used to access the data in the file:


MSUMicrowave Sounding Unit
HDFHierarchical Data Format
IEEEThe Institute of Electronical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
NCSANational Center For Supercomputing Applications
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