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Intelligent Archives Team

(Note: the biographies below are as of 2002.)
H. Ramapriyan (Lead)
Assistant Project Manager, Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project, NASA GSFC; Deputy Manager for Intelligent Data Understanding area of the Intelligent System Program; Member of Strategic Evolution of Earth Science Enterprise Data Systems (SEEDS) Formulation Team, leading study on Metrics Planning and Reporting.

Experience and Professional Activities: Broad experience in research, system development and technical/project management for over 30 years; Member of Program Committee for annual SPIE Symposium's Conference on Earth Observing Systems; Deputy leader of NASA's NRC Response Task Force established to respond to NRC Panel recommendations leading to Earth Science Information Partners' (ESIP) Federation experiment; Member of several review boards/panels including peer review panels for NASA’s ESIP Cooperative Agreement Notice proposals and Applied Information Systems Research Program.

Research interests: image processing, remote sensing, data compression, pattern recognition; author of several refereed and non-refereed publications and invited presentations;

Selected awards: 1993, NASA GSFC Exceptional Achievement Award; 1994, Re-inventing Government, Golden Hammer Award, Presented by the Vice President and NASA Administrator; 1996, Certificate of Recognition for EOSDIS Version 0 (from Inventions and Contributions Board), NASA, 1997, Special Act Award (Customer Service Excellence), NASA GSFC. Education Background: Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Minnesota, 1970.

David Isaac

Partner at Business Performance Systems and member of the Intelligent Archive study.


Experience and Professional Activities: Over 20 years of experience in information technology, including management and development work in remote sensing information systems, e-government systems, telecom operational support systems, organizational performance management, data warehousing, and digital audio systems. 

Research interests:  Large scale data mining systems, technology infusion, and semantic technologies for information retrieval.


Education Background: M.S. Systems Engineering, B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Steven Kempler
Manager of the Goddard Earth Sciences DAAC.

Experience and Professional Activities: 22 years of experience in developing and operating data production, archive, distribution, and management systems. Mr. Kempler leads a team of engineers, data support managers, and system operators to meet the challenges of archiving and distributing large volumes of EOS data by exploring and implementing (when feasible) the latest information technologies.

Selected awards: His team has won: the Quarterly Customer Service Excellence Award, the Quarterly Customer Service Excellence Award - Best of the Best, and the Quarterly Outstanding Teamwork Award, in 2001.

Educational background:MA in Geography with a specialization in Atmospheric Science from Ohio State University, 1979.

Christopher Lynnes
Systems Engineer at the GSFC DAAC since 1994.

Experience and Professional Activities: Dr. Lynnes has also worked on cluster computing, near-archive data mining and OpenGIS servers.

Selected awards: Winner of GSFC's first Excellence in Information Science and Technology award in 2001.

Educational background:Ph. D. and M. S. in Geophysics from the University of Michigan .

Gail McConaughy
Staff to NASA GSFC Chief Technologist’s Office. Member of Strategic Evolution of Earth Science Enterprise Data Systems (SEEDS) Formulation Team, leading study on Reference Architecture and Reuse Assessment.

Experience and Professional Activities: Twenty six years of professional experience. Current work includes:Earth Science Vision:Advanced Weather Prediction Technologies 2025, NASA's Contribution to the Operational Agencies, and SEEDS, and Intelligent Archives. System architect EOSDIS V0, technical management of EOSDIS prototyping program and approximately 14 years managing or developing software for science processing, archiving, distributing, and analysis of NASA’s Earth Science satellite data.

Selected awards: 1994, Re-inventing Government, Golden Hammer Award. Presented by Vice President and NASA Agency Head,1994, NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal. Recognizing engineering excellence and innovation, 1996: Special Act Award:Highly influential in responding to National Research Council’s Board.

Educational background:Mathematics.

Ken McDonald (now at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Manager of the External Development and Interfaces Office of the Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project, Member of Strategic Evolution of Earth Science Enterprise Data Systems (SEEDS) Formulation Team, leading a study on Standards and Interfaces Processes.

Experience and Professional Activities: Over twenty-six years of professional experience in the acquisition, modeling and analysis of environmental data and in the development of data and information systems to support Earth science research. Led the development of the Information Management System of the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS). Currently managing an office which oversees the specification of the interfaces between ESDIS and the EOS Instrument Teams and plans and manages the development of EOSDIS capabilities by external partners. Serves as the Chairman of theAccess Subgroup of the international Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS).

Selected Awards: 1994, Re-inventing Government, Golden Hammer Award, Presented by the Vice President and NASA Administrator, 1995, GSFC Group Achievement Award, IMS Version 0.

Educational background: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia, M.S. in Physical Oceanography from the North Carolina State University.

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