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C**************************************** C C This program will read a DAO upper air data file. It C can be easily modified to read other files which contain C other 18 Pressure Layers. C C written by Daniel Ziskin C**************************************** C Each record is a 91x144 grid INTEGER ILAT, ILON PARAMETER (ILAT=91) PARAMETER (ILON=144) C The data at each level will be read into the variable LEVEL REAL*4 LEVEL(ILON,ILAT) C 31 days in March and readings 4 times per day INTEGER NDAYS,NHRS PARAMETER (NDAYS=31) PARAMETER (NHRS=4) C There are 18 pressure levels C The first pressure level is 1000mb INTEGER NPRES,IPRES PARAMETER (NPRES=18) INTEGER IDAY, IHR, LUN, I, J, K DATA LUN /21/ CHARACTER*80 FILENAME FILENAME="e0054A.prs.uwnd.b850301.e850331" C This OPEN statement was written for an SGI computer. C It was not tested on any other platform and may fail. OPEN(UNIT=LUN, STATUS='OLD', + FILE=FILENAME, ACCESS='SEQUENTIAL',FORM='UNFORMATTED') C************ THESE LOOPS READ THE WHOLE FILE ********** C DO 80 IDAY=1,NDAYS C DO 70 IHR=1,NHRS C DO 60 IPRES=1,NPRES C READ(UNIT=LUN)LEVEL C 60 CONTINUE C 70 CONTINUE C 80 CONTINUE C NB the first record is closest to the surface and C the altitude increases as IPRES increases CLOSE(LUN) C************This Loop was used to write a sample record C OPEN(UNIT=LUN,FILE='UWND.85030100') C DO 100 J=1,ILAT C WRITE(LUN,*)(LEVEL(K,J),K=1,ILON) C 100 CONTINUE C CLOSE(LUN) STOP END
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