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The following is a list of data related tools and services available to our users to help them get the most out of our data resources.

Giovanni Online Data Visualization

The GES-DISC Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure (Giovanni) is the underlying infrastructure for a growing family of Web interfaces that allows users to analyze gridded data interactively online without having to download any data. Through Giovanni, users are invited to discover and explore our data using sophisticated analyses and visualizations.

Relevant Giovanni instances are:

TRMM Orbit Viewer

The TRMM Orbit Viewer displays full instrument resolution TRMM HDF data, vertical cross sections, and 3-D images of rain structure.

TRMM HDF Read Software

The TRMM HDF read software, which can be downloaded, enables TRMM HDF data to be read in and written out in user-selected SDS arrays and Vdata tables as separate flat binary files.

TRMM GrADS Software

The GrADS Software page contains help for TRMM data users who use GrADS software language for processing or reading data files.

TRMM Data Mining

TRMM data mining is a system that allows users to upload data mining algorithms and have them run on TRMMM data.

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