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Supported Data

The following data products at GES DISC are provided with KMZ files and can be visualized in Google Earth.

Near Real Time (NRT) Data Products:

CALIPSO version 3.0.1 (Part of A-Train Constellation Satellites):
The latest vertical profiles are available in the format of KMZ which can be visualized in Virtual Globes. It is a cooperative achievement from NASA Goddard Earth Science Data and Information Service Center (GES DISC) and NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC).

Each KMZ file covers vertical profiles in the temporal range of one and half hours. The KMZ files are available for only three parameters: 532 Total Attenuated Backscatter, Depolarization Ratio, and Vertical Feature Mask. The KMZ files usaully have a processing latency of about 24-hours after the satellite data available online.  Download KMZ files and open them in Google Earth, you will see detailed  temporal information.

Please click HERE to access near real-time KMZ files for expedited CALIPSO hosted at NASA LaRC.


(Level 3 Version 5 without HSB)

Near real time AIRS data is available HEREkml_feed_small.png in the format of KMZ. There is a processing latency of about 2 hours.
The available parameters include:
-- AIRS NRT BT_diff_SO2: the brightness temperature difference BT(1361.44 cm-1) - BT(1433.06 cm-1), which can indicate SO2 release from volcanoes. Values under -6 K (red) have likely volcanic SO2.
-- The AIRS NRT Total Column Carbon Monoxide(CO): 45-km resolution, from the standard retrieval AIRX2RET. It is originally in molecules/cm^2, but here is converted to parts per billion, (ppb).
-- AIRS Near Real Time False Color Map: Visible Channels ch3=red,ch2=green, ch1=blue

TRMM (Level 3 Gridded)

TRMM 3B42RT 3 hourly near real time data is available HEREkml_feed_small.png in the format of KMZ. There is a processing latency of about 6-9 hours.

Archived Data Products:

AIRS/Aqua (Level 3 Version 5 without HSB)

-- Monthly  (AIRX3STM)

-- Daily (AIRX3STD)

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