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Countdown for Giovanni 3 Decommission

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Sep 25, 2016    Replacing 2016 Final IMERG and TMPA    

The 2016 Final IMERG (GPM_3IMERGHH.03 and GPM_3IMERGM.03) and Research Quality TMPA (TRMM_3B42.7 and TRMM_3B43.7) products are being retracted and replaced by the Precipitation Processing System. 

For 2016, the rain gauge data were erroneously not included, resulting in land estimates purely multi-satellite.  Note that this error does not affect estimates over ocean. Retro-processing to replace these data will commence on September 26, 2016.

The respective GES DISC derived Daily products (GPM_3IMERGDF.03 and TRMM_3B42_Daily.7)  will also be replaced. 

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