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Who Uses Giovanni?

  • Modelers (e.g., model verification)
  • Researchers/climatologists (e.g., global or regional trends)
  • Application users (e.g., near-real-time data access)
  • Policy makers (e.g., decision support, resource management)
  • Teachers and students (e.g., hands-on classroom projects)
  • Proposal writers needing justifications for research (e.g., prototyping results and imagery)

The Power of Simplicity

Anyone can use Giovanni:

  • Only a Web browser needed
  • No need to learn data formats and programming
  • No need to download large amounts of data
  • Customized data and analysis obtained with only a few mouse clicks.


Giovanni Is Science Oriented

Giovanni development is driven by a team of dedicated scientists with many years of experience in multiple disciplines. Their diversity and depth of experience ensure that Giovanni always addresses the real-world needs of the science community, such as:

  • Asking "what if" questions about data and obtain initial results by exploring data
  • Investigating spatial and temporal characteristics of data products and their relationships
  • Investigating uncertainty in measurements by intercomparing data from multiple sensors and algorithms
  • Obtaining customized data for further analysis and intercomparison
  • Easily regenerating, sharing, and verifying results with peers




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