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Recommended Guidelines for Use of Giovanni Data in Publications

Acknowledging the use of Giovanni is very important to us, and to NASA.

We request that the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC) be specifically and clearly acknowledged if Giovanni (or data downloaded from Giovanni) is used for data analyses and visualizations in publications, posters, oral presentations, reports, Web pages, and other types of scientific media.  If assistance from GES DISC staff members is obtained which contributes substantially to scientific content, co-authorship is appropriate.

Cut-and-paste the following general Giovanni acknowledgment statement into any of the forms of scientific communication listed above:

“Analyses and visualizations used in this [study/paper/presentation] were produced with the Giovanni online data system, developed and maintained by the NASA GES DISC."

Meeting presentations: If Giovanni data visualizations are utilized in public presentations (particularly scientific meeting presentations), we would like to know. Such information is very important as justification for continued Giovanni funding and development!   We would greatly appreciate a short email message providing the title of the presentation, the abstract (if available), and the meeting where it was presented.   Please send this message to

General Giovanni Reference:

The following publication in Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, can be used as a general reference to Giovanni in published works:
J. G. Acker and G. Leptoukh, “Online Analysis Enhances Use of NASA Earth Science Data”, Eos, Trans. AGU, Vol. 88, No. 2 (9 January 2007), pages 14 and 17.


Acknowledging the Use of Data in Giovanni
Both Giovanni and the mission or activity which provided the data should be acknowledged.  Giovanni instances provide information about the mission or activity which produced the data.  If further guidance is required, contact the GES DISC Help Desk, or contact the data source directly.

As an example, if data from MODIS was utilized, a statement such as the following can be used in addition to the general usage statement above:

"We also acknowledge the MODIS mission scientists and associated NASA personnel for the production of the data used in this research effort."

If multiple sources of data are utilized, a general statement may be appropriate, such as:

"We acknowledge the mission scientists and Principal Investigators who provided the data used in this research effort."

Co-authorship guidelines:
Data in the Giovanni system is acquired from many different missions and activities (such as modeling). Extensive use of the data may require consultation with mission scientists and consideration of co-authorship for these scientists. Responsibility for granting co-authorship and providing acknowledgement in published research publications and other forms of scientific communication ultimately resides with the primary author.  

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