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Giovanni - Interactive Visualization and Analysis

warn_icon.gif IMPORTANT MESSAGE Jul 18, 2016    GES DISC TRMM archive maintenance   


 The GES DISC TRMM archive is currently undergoing a substantial upgrade. It encompasses installation of new hardware and software, transition to Common Metadata Repository and User Registration System,  transition from external to internal HDF4-compression, and case-by-case revision of all products that will continue to be supported. All of these impose competing demands and may result in short interruptions of TRMM data services in Mirador, Simple Subset Wizard, and Giovanni. However, no interruptions are expected in the on-line access and download of TRMM data from

These activities are expected to be finalized by August 3, 2016.    

Giovanni - Interactive Visualization and Analysis - GES DISC: Goddard Earth Sciences, Data and Information Services Center

Giovanni-4 Portals

Atmospheric Portals   (Scroll down to view complete list)

Application and Education Portal (Scroll down to view complete list)

Meteorological Portals

Ocean Portals

Hydrology Portals (Scroll down to view complete list)


Giovanni is a Web application developed by the GES DISC to provide a simple, intuitive way to visualize, analyze, and access vast amounts of Earth science remote sensing data, particularly from satellites, without having to download the data.

Giovanni consists of several portals tailored to meet the needs of different Earth science research communities.  To use a Giovanni portal, click the its link in the lists under the left tab above. 

Giovanni includes data for aerosols, atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric temperature and moisture, and rainfall.  Giovanni also includes output from assimilation models covering a wealth of atmospheric, land surface and oceanographic parameters.

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