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Please see our growing list of Giovanni publications to read about Giovanni and about how Giovanni is being used for Earth science research.

                        Current Giovanni Interfaces
TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System (TOVAS), TRMM rainfall products, near real-time 3-hourly, Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis, and rainfall ground observations

Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI): Daily and MonthlyMulti-Satellite Atmospheric and Land parameters

A-Train along CloudSat Track: CloudSat, MLS, CALIPSO lidar, and coregistered MODIS, AIRS, OMI, POLDER, and ECMWF data and plots of co-located atmospheric parameters

Aerosol Optical Thickness Measurement and Model Comparison: Daily and Monthly Aerosol Optical Thickness from Terra and Aqua MODIS,Aura Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI), and GOCART model;

Surface PM2.5/Particulate Matter Concentration (daily only)

MODIS Terra and Aqua, Daily and Monthly Aerosol, Cloud, Water Vapor and other atmospheric data from the MOD08 and MYD08 products

MISR Monthly Global Aerosol Data from0.5°x0.5°MISR product MIL3MAE


Air Quality daily 1°x1° EPA AIRNOW surface PM2.5 concentrations over the continental U.S. and Daily MODIS and OMI aerosol data.

Aqua/AIRS Global Daily  and Monthly Global maps and Vertical Profiles of Atmospheric Parameters and Trace Gases

Aura OMI high resolution Daily Global Ozone, Aerosol and Cloud; 

Aura OMI Level 2GOzone, Aerosol, SO2 and NO2 at pixel resolution, with on-line option of data filtering;

Earth Probe and Nimbus-7 TOMS Ozone, Reflectivity and Aerosol Index data

Aura Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) Daily Near-Global Profiles of Trace Gases

Aura High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) Daily Near-Global Profiles of Trace Gases
Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) Halogen Occultation Experiment (HALOE) Long-term dataset of Atmospheric Profiles of Trace Gases
Ocean Color Radiometry Online Visualization and Analysis advanced interface for Monthly MODIS Aqua ocean color, SST, nLw, SeaWiFS ocean color, nLW, GSM derived and merged products

Ocean Color Daily and Monthly global MODIS Aqua data, 8-day and Monthly SeaWiFS, Monthly GSM, and Daily and Monthly Model data

Agriculture-oriented TRMM and other derived precipitation data
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