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Nominations - the Giovanni Image Hall of Fame 2nd Class

Help to choose the 2nd Class for the Giovanni Image Hall of Fame

Linked below is a PDF document consisting of a compilation of the best images found in the past two years of papers in which Giovanni was utilized. The captions of each image are included for context, but not references to the papers themselves, to keep this semi-anonymous. You might be able to find them searching on the Web, of course.

If you have a chance and are so inclined, I’d appreciate it if you could send your “picks” for the Hall of Fame, by number. We’ll pick some based on their scientific merit or significance (which involves knowing more about the paper the image(s) were in and what it was about) but we’re also picking them on the basis of composition, “beauty”, effectiveness in communication, and integration with other data. You can make your choices based on any or all of those criteria. All you have to do is send me your choices of the best five, in no particular order. Sort of like the fan vote on “Dancing with the Stars”, your vote will be part of the selection process.

If you want to, give this to interested colleagues (or students or assistants, etc.) to participate as well. I would like just one submission per person.

Send your picks to

Finally, if you’ve thought about doing this yourself, feel free to use Giovanni to make an image (or images). We’ll still take submissions, and an image does not need to be in the compilation to be chosen. If you do submit an image, don’t forget to explain it, as was done well for image #63.

The 2nd Giovanni Image Hall of Fame Class will be published in January 2016.


The Nominees:

Nominees - The 2nd Giovanni Image Hall of Fame



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