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Release Notes for Giovanni 4.10

Release notes for Giovanni 4.10

Release Notes for Giovanni 4.10

Giovanni 4 is the next generation of Giovanni, designed to be faster, more interactive and easier to learn than its predecessor.

New Features in Giovanni 4.10

  • Smoothing Maps:  A new plot option produces smoothed maps forTime averaged, User-Defined Climatology, Accumulation and Correlation services.
  • Histogram: Compute a histogram of the values present in the given temporal and spatial selection.
  • Difference of Time-Averaged Maps: Compute time average for each grid cell for two variables being compared. Plot the differences between the two result maps.

New Features in Giovanni 4.9

  • Download of maps in GeoTIFF format: Allows download of maps (Time averaged, Quasi-Climatology, Accumulation and Correlation) in GeoTIFF format

New Services in Giovanni 4.8

  • Quasi-Climatology Map:  Compute average for a given month or three-month season in each grid cell and plot on a map. (Available for monthly data only.)
  • Seasonal Time Series:  Compute an area averaged time series for each year in the user's selection for a given month or 3-month meteorological season (Available for monthly data only.) 
  • Accumulation Map:  Compute accumulated values instead of averaged values for certain variables, like rainfall.  
    Example:  Plot the accumulated rainfall measured by TRMM for Hurricane Sandy (Oct 23-31, 2012) over the eastern seaboard by clicking here and then pressing the Plot button.

  • Hovmoller Time Series:  Average over latitude for the Longitude-Time Hovmoller, or over longitude for the Latitude-Time Hovmoller.
  • Area Average Scatterplot:  Compare two variables by averaging over the selection box at each timestep, and plotting the results on an X-Y scatterplot.
  • Area-Averaged Difference Time Series:  Compare two variables by averaging each over the selection box and a time series of the difference between the two.

New Data Variables in Giovanni 4.8

Coming soon:

  • Variables from the North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) model
  • Variables from the SeaWiFS Deep Blue Level 3 data
  • Precipitation from TRMM 3B43
  • Aqua AIRS Level 3 Daily Standard Physical Retrieval (AIRS+AMSU)
    • Cloud Fraction
    • Carbon Monoxide (Total Column)

New Features in Giovanni 4.8

  • New variable picker interface groups similar plot choices
  • Improved seasonal date selection interface
  • New variable naming scheme
  • Greatly improved color bars
  • Fixed missing graticule labels bug
  • Fixed various bugs for bounding boxes crossing the 180 degree meridian

Available data variables

  • Aerosol Optical Depth and other aerosol measurements from MISR, MODIS and OMI instruments, and from the GOCART model
  • Rainfall from TRMM 3B42
  • Heat Flux and Wind Stress from GSSTFM
  • Temperature profiles, Humidity profiles, Geopotential Height profiles, Altitude, Air Pressure, Air Temperature, Surface Temperature, Ozone from AIRS

New for Giovanni-4 vs. Giovanni-3

  • Interactive maps supporting zoom and pan
  • Interactive linked scatterplot + map, both individual points and time-averaged grid points
  • Vector grid maps, shown as arrows
  • Faster (much!) services

New User Interface

The User Interface is being redesigned to be less opaque to new and occasional users.  It also allows users to narrow down variables for selection either by selecting particular attributes ("faceted browsing") or filtering on keywords.  However, experienced Giovanni users may see some "user interface shift shock". In some cases, certain things may seem more difficult or tedious to do than in Giovanni 3.  Please tell us those things, with particular reference to how you used to do them in Giovanni 3!  We may also be able to provide some short cuts (e.g., Bookmarkable URLs below).

Bookmarkable URLs 

Bookmarkable URLs allow you to save URLs in order to re-run the exact same workflow at any future date. These can also be used to save partially filled in forms, acting as a kind of template for common analysis operations.


Known Issues

This release of Giovanni contains some bugs, some known (see Known Issues below), and some not yet known.  Please send us feedback using the Feedback button.  

Browser Compatibility

  • iPad:  Giovanni 4 does not yet run on iPad/iPhone Safari.
  • Safari and Chrome on Mac:  Scrollbars for the facets on the right do not show up for some Mac browsers (Safari, Chrome), unless scrollbars are set to Always in the System Preferences -> General of the Mac.

User Interface

  • Parts of borderlines on maps are missing at certain zoom levels.
  • The Feedback button does not work properly with the Chrome browser, as it fails to open a new window for the default email application.
  • On rare occasions, the history tree on the result page will have the wrong leaf highlighted. Clicking on any leaf in the tree will correct the problem.
  • The plot data button sometimes fails to work right after a bookmarkable URL loads. Waiting a few seconds and trying the plot data button again should solve the problem.

Map (Time Averaged)

  • On rare occasions the map is not visible because the color palette fails to load. Plotting the map again usually resolves the problem.
  • The Cancel button may indicate "Cancelling service now..." but not confirm that the service was in fact cancelled.
  • The color palette "Angstrom Exponent Color Map" has colors at intervals of 0.125, except there is no color defined at 1.0, making it non-linear. Using the Re-Plot button in the Options will make the palette linear.
  • If the bounding box is narrow and the variable name is long, the map title may be truncated in the map download.

Interactive Scatter and Time-Averaged Scatter Plots

  • Plot downloads for the scatter plot sometimes render poorly, with text continuing off the plot.
  • The max points limitation is calculated incorrectly for bounding boxes that cross the 180 meridian. 
  • The interactive scatter map won't subset if the original bounding box crosses the 180 meridian.

Time Series Plot

  • Time series plot options for variables of the same quantity type (e.g. precipitation, aerosol optical depth, temperature) need to be set to the same values in order to ensure that all plots get the proper y-axis range.


  • Animation’s ‘Go To’ text field does not respond to the Enter key in Internet Explorer. Clicking outside the text field triggers the correct frame change.

  • Animation is missing the U.S. states layer.

  • The color bar for the animation download is quite distant from the map.

Seasonal Time Series

  • The y-axis label is sometimes too long for the plot and gets cut off.


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