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Links to DICCE Giovanni variables in Giovanni-4: Monthly

Each link provides a Giovanni-4 search URL for the DICCE-G variable

 In this page, links to the data variables from the Data-enhanced Investigations for Climate Change Education (DICCE) Giovanni-3 portal are provided to the corresponding variable in Giovanni-4.   Each URL actually constitutes a search for that variable in Giovanni-4.  Once the variable is selected in the Giovanni-4 portal, the spatial, temporal, and visualization analysis method can be selected.  This page is for Monthly data variables.

red dice The "Information for Educators" links go to DICCE Extended Help documentation for each included data variable.



NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model Assimilated Total Chlorophyll

Note:  This is a low spatial resolution data product available as daily and monthly data.  It is based on satellite data, and provides a "cloud free" view of ocean chlorophyll concentrations. It will be replaced on this page when higher resolution MODIS and SeaWiFS data are available in Giovanni-4, likely during September-December 2015.  The NOBM chlorophyll can be used to study large-scale regional and seasonal variability of ocean chlorophyll concentration. 

red dice Chlorophyll concentration - Information for Educators


Fraction of Sea Ice (MERRA)

  Sea Ice - Information for Educators 



Physical Atmosphere

Cloud Fraction (Daytime)

Cloud Fraction (Nighttime) 

red diceCloud Fraction - Information for Educators 


Relative Humidity (Nighttime) - Profile data, 12 levels

red dice Relative Humidity - Information for Educators


Air Temperature (Nighttime) - Profile data, 24 levels

red dice Air Temperature Profile - Information for Educators 


Atmospheric Gases

Aerosol Optical Depth (MODIS-Terra Standard "Dark Target")

Aerosol Optical Depth (MODIS-Terra "Deep Blue) 

red dice Aerosol Optical Depth - Information for Educators


Ozone (AIRS, Nighttime)

red dice Total Column Ozone - Information for Educators


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Mole Fraction

red dice CO2 Mole Fraction - Information for Educators




Precipitation Rate (TRMM Monthly, Version 7)

red dice Precipitation Rate - Information for Educators


Rainfall Rate (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

red dice Rainfall Rate - Information for Educators





Net longwave radiation (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

red dice Net Longwave Radiation - Information for Educators


Surface incident longwave radiation (GLDAS Noah 2.0)  (renamed to 'Downward long-wave radiation flux') 


Net shortwave radiation (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

red dice Net Shortwave Radiation - Information for Educators



The Physical Land


Average layer 1 (0-10 cm) soil moisture (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

Average layer 2 (10-40 cm) soil moisture (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

Average layer 3 (40-100 cm) soil moisture (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

Average layer 4 (100-200 cm) soil moisture (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

red dice Average layer soil moisture - Information for Educators (DICCE Project)


Near Surface Air Temperature (NLDAS) 

Near Surface Air Temperature (GLDAS Noah 2.0)

red dice Average surface temperature - Information for Educators 


Near Surface Wind Magnitude (GLDAS Noah 2.0)  (renamed to 'Near Surface Wind Speed')

red dice Near Surface Wind Magnitude - Information for Educators 


Snowfall Rate (GLDAS Noah 2.0)  (renamed to 'Snow Precipitation Rate') 

red dice Snowfall Rate - Information for Educators



Land Biosphere


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) (MODIS-Terra)

red dice NDVI - Information for Educators


Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) (MODIS-Terra)

red dice EVI - Information for Educators




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