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Color Palette Options in Giovanni

This page displays the color palette options available for the "Custom" option for plots in Giovanni

(Color palette images provided courtesy of Dr. John Dombeck, University of Minnesota Space Plasma Physics Group)


16 LEVEL  16-level palette
Beach  Beach palette
Blue-Red  Blue-Red palette
Blue - Pastel - Red  Blue-pastel-red palette
Blue Waves  Blue Waves palette
Eos A  Eos-A palette
Eos B  Eos-B Palette
GREEN-PINK  Green-Pink Palette
Grey Scale  Grey Scale Palette
Hardcandy  Hardcandy Palette
Haze  Haze Palette
Hue Sat Lightness 1  Hue Sat Lightness 1 Palette
Hue Sat Lightness 2  Hue Sat Lightness 2 Palette
Hue Sat Value 1  Hue Sat Value 1 Palette
Hue Sat Value 2  Hue Sat Value 2 Palette
Mac Style  Mac Style Palette
Nature  Nature Palette
Ocean  Ocean Palette
Pastels  Pastels Palette
Peppermint  Peppermint Palette
Plasma  Plasma Palette
Purple-Red + Stripes Purple_Red + Stripes Palette
RAINBOW  Rainbow Palette
Rainbow  Rainbow Blocks Palette
Rainbow18  Rainbow18 Palette
Rainbow64  Rainbow64 palette
Rainbow + black  Rainbow + Black Palette
Rainbow + white  Rainbow + White Palette
Reverse Rainbow  Reverse Rainbow Palette
STEPS  Steps Palette
STERN SPECIAL  Stern Special Palette
Volcano  Volcano Palette
Waves  Waves Palette
roygbiv Roygbiv palette

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