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Giovanni-4 Help Videos on YouTube

The links below are to Giovanni-4 Help Videos on the NASAGESDISC You Tube Channel


Giovanni-4 Help Videos on YouTube:


     This video shows how to choose a visualization type.  Maps, time-series, and histograms are some of the available visualizations. 
     This video shows how to choose the time period for the visualization.  
     This video demonstrates the options for choosing the region of interest for the visualization. In addition to a user-defined bounding box, shapefiles for U.S. states, countries, and watersheds can be selected.
     This video shows how to search for data variables classified by measurement type.  Aerosol, cloud properties, heat fluxes, and precipitation are examples of measurement types.
     Using keywords is another way to search for data variables available in Giovanni.  Keywords can be types into the search box.
     Once a visualization has been created, data ranges and color palettes can be modified, and the way that the data in a map is depicted can also be changed.
    Time-series data can be downloaded in ASCII text form, which can be imported and analyzed in other software packages. 
     This video demonstrates the method for plotting a time-series by month or season in successive years.  For example, a monthly time-series could display the value of the data variable in March 2002, March 2003, March 2004, etc., through March 2012.  A seasonal time-series could display the value of the data variable for Autumn (Sept-Oct-Nov) 2002 through Autumn 2012. 
     This video demonstrates how to plot time-series for several different data variables at the same time. 



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