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Giovanni 3.1.0 Release Notes

Release notes describing new capabilities, refinements, and patches for Giovanni 3.1.0

Selected software enhancements

  • Alternate labeling of the color bar has been removed if the bar is displayed vertically;
  • the Histogram service has been modified to add the product name on the plot, and now has a log-scale option;
  • the Time parameter is now optional in a WCS getCoverage request;
  • the Preference section for the Correlation Map service in the Aerosol Daily interface has been fixed.


Enhancements to A-Train

Parameter log-scale processing has been added to the swathStrips operation.

A subset of MERRA data products has been added as MERRA-along-Cloudsat parameters.

For Curtain Plots, these parameters are:

  1. Relative Humidity Profile
  2. Specific Humidity 
  3. Cloud Ice Mixing Ratio
  4. Cloud Ice Mixing Ratio - Large-Scale
  5. Cloud Liquid Water Mixing Ratio
  6. Cloud Liquid Water Mixing Ratio - Large-Scale
  7. Ozone Mixing Ratio

 For Strips, these parameters are:

  1. Cloud-Top Pressure
  2. Cloud-Top Temperature
  3. High-Level (Above 400 hPa) Cloud Fraction
  4. Low-Level (1000-700 hPa) Cloud Fraction
  5. Mid-Level (700-400 hPa) Cloud Fraction
  6. Optical Thickness of All Clouds
  7. Optical Thickness of High Clouds
  8. Optical Thickness of Low Clouds
  9. Optical Thickness of Mid-Level Clouds
  10. Sea-level Pressure
  11. Surface Albedo
  12. Total Cloud Fraction


Enhancements to Ocean Color Radiometry

Three new SeaWiFS parameters have been added (the modified Angstrom coefficient is also present):

  • Particulate Inorganic Carbon
  • Particulate Organic Carbon
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation


All of the Histogram service options are now present in Ocean Color Radiometry.


Enhancements to MAIRS Monthly

The following AIRS parameters have been added:

  1. CH4 volume mixing ratio_ascending (CH4_VMR_eff_A) (3 Levels) AIRX3STM.005
  2. CH4 volume mixing ratio_descending (CH4_VMR_eff_D) (3 Levels) (3D) AIRX3STM.005
  3. CO volume mixing ratio_ascending (CO_VMR_eff_A) (7 Levels) (3D) AIRX3STM.005
  4. CO volume mixing ratio_descending (CO_VMR_eff_D) (7 Levels) (3D) AIRX3STM.005
  5. CO2_fraction AIRX3C2M.005


Chapter 24 of the Giovanni Online Users Manual was added for MAIRS Help.


Enhancements to Aerosol Daily and Aerosol Monthly

Three new parameters of Total Aerosol Column Optical Depth were added:  550nm, Coarse Mode 550nm, and Fine Mode 550nm. 

The latest MISR Aerosol Optical Depth (by the Langley OPeNDAP server) is now present.

The latest Aqua MODIS Collection 051 data are now present.


Enhancements to MISR Daily and MISR Monthly

All four bands of Aerosol Optical Depth have now been incorporated.

MISR data is now acquired directly from the Langley OpenDAP server.


Enhancements to CERES

A set of selected AIRS parameters has been incorporated into this interface.

The GUI has been enhanced with additional explanatory text.



New data descriptors have been written for A-Train, Ocean Color Radiometry, Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC), GOCART, and MISR interfaces.  Modified descriptors were required for Ocean Color Radiometry.

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