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Giovanni Release Notes

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Release notes describing new capabilities, refinements, and patches for Giovanni


Giovanni Release Notes, Release, Patch 20, promoted on April 16, 2010:

  • New descriptors and descriptor changes for these products:
  1.    MERRA:  MER_T550.004
  2.    OMI:  OMTO3G.003
  3.    OMI:   OMNO2G.003
  4.    TRMM:   TRMM_3B42_daily.006
  • A new program was written to update the dates of coverage for particular data products, especially those which have are dependent on other data products for their creation.
  • Fixes were made to the download process for KMZ files, addressing the wrong color palette and data range encountered in some downloads, and a problem with downloading files using the Safari browser
  • The map server was changed to a new platform.
  • Data processing enhancements were made to address memory problems with the Python libraries.


Patch 21, promoted May 10, 2010:

  • The Correlation Map now allows users to change the plotting range.
  • Additional refinements were made to the KMZ data files
  • The Map Plot service was enhanced for use with the Atmospheric Composition Portal.
  • The map of orbits used in the A-Train interface was fixed to allow updates.
  • A segmentation error encountered in the use of the Time Series plot service was fixed.
  • The protocol for the WCS fetcher was enhanced for GOME2.
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