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Giovanni 3.0.9 Final Release Notes

Release Notes summarizing patches, additions, and refinements for Giovanni 3.0.9

Summary of patches, additions, and refinements for Giovanni 3.0.9.


For Giovanni

  • Descriptors were added for OMI/OMIL2G, MERRA/Cloudsat, and SeaWiFS
  • The Histogram service was added to two OPS instances (TES Level 3 Daily and AIRS Level 2 Monthly)
  • Enhancements were maded to the NetCDF download and the GDS utility


For Giovanni

  • All changes were HTAP-related;  new descriptors were added, and both data services and the GUI were enhanced.


For Giovanni

  • New descriptors were added for MERRA
  • The vertical axis labeling was enhanced for vertical profile and cross-section plots
  • The A-Train KMZ download capability was enhanced


For Giovanni

  • Consistent fill value types were created for data outputs
  • WCT, a version of WCS, was implemented in the fetcher program
  • A trend line capability was added to time-series plots
  • A fix was made to the Histogram service
  • More descriptors were added for OMI/OMIL2G
  • Modifications were made to support the new AIRS CO2 parameter, AIRX3C2M.005
  • For line fitting, the program was modified to use scientific notation when necessary


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