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Giovanni Operation Technical Summary: Preprocessing

Preprocessing (g3Data)



g3Data is Giovanni's data preprocessing operation that performs the following functions:


  • converts the original data into the Giovanni internal format;
  • creates virtual parameters;  and
  • performs mandatory masking and filtering as prescribed in data descriptor.


The results of this operation become cached products of the Giovanni system.


The inputs to g3Data are the original data coming out of the fetcher. In some cases, file formats are converted during the fetching step, to file formats that are readable by Giovanni.


The outputs of g3Data are preprocessed files in the Giovanni internal format.


During the operation of g3Data, the following actions occur:

  1. Additional attributes are added to the file;
  2. Files are converted to the internal format (HDF 4);
  3. virtual parameters are created;
  4. Filters are applied.
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