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Giovanni-3 Online Users Manual:3. Functions

This chapter provides brief descriptions of the basic selection functions in Giovanni: area (region of interest), time period (beginning and end dates), and orbit selection. In Giovanni 3, the user may save user criteria in a Preferences file.

3.1 Area (Java/non-Java)

Area selection in the Java mapversion is accomplished by click-and-drag manipulation of the box appearing on the Java map. In the example below, an area covering most of the North Atlantic Ocean has been selected. Note that the latitude and longitude coordinates for the area will appear to the right of the map as the size is adjusted. If Java is not enabled, area selection is accomplished by input of the latitude and longitude boundaries defining a rectangular area of interest, that is, the northern latitude, the southern latitude, the western longitude, and the eastern longitude.

3.2 Begin/End Date

Time-period-of-interest selection is performed using the "Begin Year", "End Year",   "Begin Month" and "End Month" buttons and selecting from the drop-down menus. 

3.3 Map View (A-Train)

The A-Train interface featuring MLS data provides four map view choices: a view of the ascending orbit tracks, a view of the descending orbit tracks, and both northern and southern polar projections with orbit tracks.

3.4 Range (A-Train)

This option selects the distance from the chosen point on the orbit track for the data display. The default value is 3000 km.

3.5 Orbit Date

For selected data sets, the Orbit Date is selected rather than the calendar date. This option is specifically for daily data along satellite orbital swath tracks. The Year, Month, and Date are selected using the corresponding buttons and selecting from the drop-down menus. The length of the orbital segment can be selected with the Range button.



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