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This page lists 2006 peer-reviewed publications using Giovanni and about Giovanni.

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Using Giovanni

Chiu, L.S., Liu, Z.,  Vongsaard, J., Morain, S., Budge, A., Neville, P., and Bales, C. (2006) Comparison of TRMM and water district rain rates over New Mexico. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 23, 1-13.

Koren, I., Kaufman, Y.J., Washington, R., Todd, M.C., Rudich, Y.,  Martins, J.V., and Rosenfeld, D. (2006) The Bodélé depression: a single spot in the Sahara that provides most of the mineral  dust to the Amazon forest. Environmental Research Letters 1, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/1/1/014005

Kaufman, Y. J. and Koren, I. (2006). Smoke and pollution aerosol effect on cloud cover. Science, 313 (5787), 655, doi:10.1126/science.1126232.

Narvekar, J. & Kumar, S. P. (2006). Seasonal variability of the mixed layer in the central Bay of Bengal and associated changes in nutrients and chlorophyll. Deep-Sea Res., 53, 820-835.

Prasad, A.K., Kumar, K.V., Singhand, S., and Singh, R.P. (2006)  Potentiality of multi-sensor satellite data in mapping flood hazard.  Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 34(3), 219-231.

Singh, S., Singh, B., Gera, B. S., Srivastava, M. K., Dutta, H. N., Garg, S. C., & Singh, R. (2006). A study of aerosol optical depth in the central Indian region (17.3–8.6°N) during ISRO-GBP field campaign. Atmospheric Environment,  doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2006.01.033.

About Giovanni

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